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How to Reset Password for a Trakx Corporate account

Forgotten Password BUT STILL have your 2FA

If you have forgotten your Trakx password but still have working 2FA (i.e. Your 2FA device can still generate codes without issue), Trakx provides the ability to reset password yourself.

Follow these simple steps:

Click Forgot Password on the Sign-In screen of Trakx.

Enter your Trakx email address and a 2FA code from your 2FA device.

Click Send Token to receive a security token via email.

Follow instructions in the email to proceed.

Forgotten Password BUT DO NOT have your 2FA

If you do not have a working 2FA, drop us a message at [email protected] and we will assist.

For security purposes, you will be asked to provide the following:

Your Trakx account email address.

Official document of the company that entails identities of all directors and shareholders that hold more than 25% shares.

ID selfie of all directors and shareholders that are present on said official document.

Requirements for selfie:

Please use a light, neutral background.

Please look straight at the camera.

Selfies must be in color.

Requirements for identity document:

Identity documents can be national ID, international passport or driving license.

Identity documents must be original (not photocopied).

Identity documents should be in characters of the Latin alphabet.

Information on the document must be clearly visible.

Requirements for handwritten note:

Note must contain a reference to Trakx and time/date of your request, for example "Trakx I want to reset my password 2021-MM-DD" (with today's date).

Note must be handwritten and original (not photocopied).

Updated on: 31/08/2022

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