Sign In Procedures after Auth0 Update

With our recent update, we will be transitioning to a new authentication provider called Auth0 to enhance the security for all Trakx’s users.

Below are the step-by-step guide on our updated Sign In process.

Sign In to your Trakx account.

After entering your login details, a prompt to ‘Secure Your Account’ will show.

Please note that we are requiring all users to have 2FA. You will not be able to fully navigate the Trakx platform if you have not completed this step.

If you have set a 2FA before, please be informed that it was already disabled when we switched to this new authentication provider.

If you haven't, please follow these steps:

If you don’t have an authenticator app yet, please install any of the authenticators supported. See here.

Once you have an authenticator app installed in your phone, you can proceed to scanning the QR code and entering your dedicated one-time code as shown in the app.

After setting up your 2FA, you can now navigate the platform as usual.

In case one Authenticator App fails to work (e.g. gives an invalid code), we advise to try another compatible app. As example, if Authy is your preferred Authentication app and 2FA code does not work to log into Trakx - one may try to download Google Authenticator app instead and restart the process.

A one-time code (found in your authenticator app) will then be asked for every succeeding login.

Should you need assistance or have any questions regarding our new Sign In process, please do not hesitate to reach us via email or Live Chat.

Thank you and have a good day!


Updated on: 24/01/2023

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